Convince your organization about the valued added of project management

ASTANA can design tailored training plans for the different levels in your organization: management team, project team members, middle management and technical teams.

We can also give training to obtaing project management certifications (PMP, PRINCE, etc.)

Training for Management Teams

Its main objective is to create a culture of project management in your management team for them to sponsor the implementation of PM practices in your organization.

It is based on short sessions that show through practical experiences how project management can directly improve the success of your projects.

Training for Project Managers

Training sessions based on standard methodologies. The objective is to provide project managers with the key skills needed to manage projects in a competent manner.

The sessions can be also focused in getting PM certifications.

Training in tools and techniques

ASTANA can deliver training to teach how to use specific tools and techniques for planning, requirments management, resources estimation, risk management, etc.). The sessions are very prectical trying to use examples of your own company .