Your IT organization is a key contributor to your company success

We have a large experience in IT service management, IT governance and systems development and maintenance.

Strategic Planning and Governance

A business plan helps to identify the different resources and investments that will be required to implement a strategy and how they should be administered.

To achieve agile decision making, it is necessary to develop a practical decision making framework that will involve all the roles needed for each decision type and establish the parameters that will guide these decisions.

Adapting the organizational structure is key in the evolution of a company, emphasizing the importance of human capital and the dynamicity of its projects to achieve a functional and motivated organization.

ASTANA can help you to review your approach to IT strategic planning and make your organization a key assest to the sucess of your company


 ASTANA has experience supporting the implementation of effective management methods for outsourcing contracts. We can help you improve management processes: establishing an efficient relationship model, defining a service level agreement, setting up offices to manage quality, implementing guidelines and methodologies, carrying out reviews of the service, etc.

Managing requirements

According to the Project Management Institute, 55 out 1.000 dollars spent in IT projects are wasted due to a wrong process of requirements management. Problems with the definition of requirements and a bad process to manage them duirng development is the second root cause of projects failure.

ASTANA can help you to identify and define the requirements of your business areas following a sistematic approach of Identification – Analysis – Definition – Verification

We also have experience with requirements management tools and requirements quality assurance tools.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a strategic practice that finds the relationship between the objectives and the infrastructure that supports them (processes, organization, technology).

Our professionals have a TOGAF certification to help your organization to implement your EA.