Design of a Dashboard to track the effectiveness of your on-line channels

Sector: Pharmaceutical; Duration: 6 months


Definition of metrics and KPIs to measure the performance of the e-marketing activities.

Development of tools to obtain information and the creation of reports for management.

The project was carried out with a very practical point of view, using standard, low-cost tools. The system allows for:

  • Planning of your campaigns (activities, channels, budget,)
  • Measuring of online contact points (by channel, by product, by therapeutic area,…)
  • Comparing the actual execution of the campaign against the plan.
  • Obtaining the cost per interaction (by channel, by product, by therapeutic area,…)
  • Producing graphics and reports to inform to the different levels of the organization (product managers, brand managers, marketing directors, etc)

Key factors for success were:

  • Minimum impact on the tasks of those responsible for marketing.
  • Availability of results for management from the start.
  • Practical point of view and use of standard, low-cost tools.